• Dates: July 3-7 | July 10-14 | July 17-21 | July 24-28, 2023
  • Hours of Operation: 8:30am-4:30pm daily (8:30-9:00am drop-off, 4:00-4:30pm pick-up)

    Ages: 6-9

  • Price: $349 (without lunch); $399 (including lunch);
  • CUBS JV starts each day with a game or activity that is designed to incorporate lots of movement to prepare campers for a variety of different sport activities! Campers will learn the fundamentals of competitive sports alongside the importance and need for good sportsmanship.

JV campers will participate in a variety of programming sessions each day, including but not limited to sport specific skills & fundamentals, outdoor games & activities, group activities/team building and counselor’s choice.

  • Sport specific skills & fundamentals will include activities like speed dribbles for soccer or cone weaving in basketball and basic rules for various sports. Counselors will include sport specific skills from a variety of sports each and every week.
  • Outdoor games and activities focus on campers remaining active – sometimes including sport related components, but may also include activities like a hike to Beebe Lake.
  • Group activities/team building includes activities that emphasize team work, collaboration and sportsmanship.
  • Counselor’s choice is the perfect way to end each day! Counselors will use their discretion based on the skill sets and interests of the campers to make sure each day ends with an exciting and engaging game.
  • Pool time and outdoor water activities will also be offered daily to give campers a chance to cool down while remaining active. Down time, combine with a snack time and often the showing of a short movie, will be part of the daily curriculum so campers can refuel and adequately rest and hydrate to beat the summer heat.

    Throughout the summer we will also host various theme days to invite creative costume ideas that tie to corresponding games and activities. A popular example is Olympics Day. Campers arrive wearing the colors/apparel of their favorite teams and countries while competing in modified versions of Olympic games. It promotes incredible team camaraderie, and the campers love working together towards a common goal.

    Each week, campers progress towards an all-out day of competition known as Super Fun Field Day! Every Friday, campers compete to win the day - from the moment we finish our warm-up, until just before pick up. All campers are working hard to bring home the Super Fun Field Day Championship!

    If you plan on enrolling your camper for several weeks, you’re not alone! A large majority of our campers attend more than one session, so we will keep programming new and engaging each and every week!


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