• Dates: July 3-7 | July 10-14 | July 17-21 | July 24-28, 2023
  • Hours of Operation: 8:30am-4:30pm daily (8:30-9:00am drop-off, 4:00-4:30pm pick-up)

    Ages: 4-5

  • Price: $379 (without lunch); $429 (including lunch);
  • CUBS Pre-K starts each week with an introduction to sports through literature. The book of the week will guide the curriculum to follow – which will include arts and crafts, scavenger hunts, sensory activities, outdoor games and much more. Each week we will emphasize a few sports where we will learn by drawing, reading and doing!

    With three sessions daily, each camper will have the ability to participate in fun-filled activities. Outdoor water fun in the afternoon gives campers the ability to cool-off while remaining outdoors and active. Outdoor water fun includes a slip n' slide, wading pool, sprinklers, water blasters, etc. Additionally, lunch (optional add-on) and quiet time will be part of the daily curriculum so campers can refuel and adequately rest to make it through the day.

    Throughout the summer we will also host various theme days to invite creative costume ideas that tie to corresponding games and activities. A popular example is Olympics Day. Campers arrive wearing the colors/apparel of their favorite teams and countries while competing in modified versions of Olympic games. It promotes incredible team camaraderie, and the campers love working together towards a common goal.

    Our location offers a terrific opportunity to explore and navigate the vast Cornell campus via daily hikes and walks! Super Fun Field Day for CUBS Pre-K involves a story themed scavenger hunt and ends with a fun excursion.

    If you plan on enrolling your camper for several weeks, you’re not alone! A large majority of our campers attend more than one session, so we will keep programming new and engaging each and every week!


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