What is the code of conduct for CUBS Camp?

As a participant in the program, you are expected to act in a responsible manner and be respectful toward fellow campers, counselors and staff.

Please help your child prepare for camp by talking about the following appropriate camp behaviors. Before the start of camp, ensure your child is ready to comply with all aspects of the camper code:

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Kind and Caring
  • Be Honest

Failure to adhere by these rules may result in expulsion from camp. Upon dismissal, the camper’s parent or guardian will be notified immediately and the camper will be sent home. No refund of camp fees will be given for any camper who is expelled for violation of the camp rules. Cornell reserves the right to expel campers for other unacceptable behavior, including but not limited to jeopardizing the safety of others.

Who can I contact with camp related questions?

We can be reached by phone, 607-255-1200, or email, Our staffed office hours are 10am to 4pm, Monday-Friday leading up to camp and 9am-4pm, Monday-Friday during camp programming. Please note that we are often available during camp hours outside of this timeframe, but may not be in the office during the check-in and check-out times (8:30-9:00am and 4:00-4:30pm). Please use the camp office contact information for all inquiries, including to contact the Medical Director.

What is the age range/backgrounds of the counselors at camp?

Our counselors range from college-aged young adults to education professionals. All counselors are over the age of 18 and have a passion for working with children and encouraging active lifestyles, the importance of teamwork, and sportsmanship. Each division has a director with extensive camp/education experience.

What if my camper cannot swim/does not pass the swim test or is not interested in swimming?

Swimming will take place in our varsity swimming pool. Please note that there is no shallow area and campers will be required to pass a swim test each week. Assistance devices, such as life jackets, are not allowed in order to successfully complete the swim test. Non-swimmers will be able to participate in daily outdoor water games including, but not limited to slip n' slide, sprinklers, water blasters and a small pool.

Who oversees camp programming/instruction?

Samantha Park, Assistant Director of Athletics for Ticketing and Camp Programming, serves as the Cornell Athletics Camp Director. The CUBS Director is often an education professional with a background in camp/sports. This person is responsible for program development and coordinating curriculum implementation. Counselors are overseen by the CUBS Director and Camp Director.

Is there someone available to provide medical care in the event of an injury?

CUBS Camp has a Medical Director available at all camp check-ins to answer health related questions and review with parents any required medications/inhalers prescribed to campers. In the event of an injury at camp, the Medical Director will assess the injury and follow university protocol depending on the severity and need for additional medical attention.

Can my camper request to be in the same group as a friend?

All of our divisions are broken down into groups of six to ten campers. If your camper would like to request being in the same group as a friend attending camp, as long as they are registered for the same division, we are happy to accommodate group requests. Please note that we have a registration question to note any group requests, but please feel free to contact our office or edit your registration via your online account with any request updates.

Should my camper bring food to camp?

We understand that many parents would feel more comfortable sending their camper with a lunch prepared from home. If this is your preference, please disregard the option to add-on lunch for the week during the registration process. Regardless of lunch accommodations, we always recommend campers bring a snack for our afternoon break time. Also, please remember that all campers should have their own water bottle from home and can fill them throughout the day at our touchless filling stations.

What should my camper bring with them to camp?

Although we provide lunch, we always recommend campers come to camp daily with a snack for our designated snack break. In addition to snacks, campers should bring a water bottle, spare clothes/swimwear for water activities, a towel, a raincoat, indoor and outdoor shoes/apparel and sunscreen. Click HERE for a complete packing list.

Can my camper bring a phone or other electronic devices to camp?

Although we do not encourage electronics at camp, we understand parents often prefer their camper have a phone available when at camp. We request all electronics are put away during active times at camp and that the camper refrain from phone use to avoid distracting themselves or other campers. Please note that we recommend all valuables, including but not limited to electronics and money, to be left at home.

In case of inclement weather, what indoor activities does CUBS Camp offer?

Although we plan several camp activities outside, in cases of inclement weather (excessive heat, rain, lightning, etc.) we have several indoor facilities. Our home base for camp is the Ramin Room, an indoor turf facility. In addition, we offer activities and programming in Barton Hall and Newman Arena.

What if my child gets homesick or wants to leave camp early?

It is not unusual for campers, particularly those that are younger, to have trouble saying goodbye to their parents/guardians after check-in. Most get over it quickly and go on to have a wonderful time thanks to the help of our personable counselors and structured programming. In the rare instance that a camper continues to struggle beyond drop-off/throughout the course of camp, we will contact the parent or guardian accordingly.

How much down time do the campers have?

The downtime at camp varies among the divisions and is established primarily based on age, but we also take great consideration to the weather. Although lunch break is the primary downtime for campers, a scheduled snack time and often the showing of a short movie will be part of the daily curriculum so campers can refuel and adequately rest and hydrate to beat the summer heat. Throughout the day we schedule necessary water breaks with particular attention to the warmer and sunnier days of the summer.

What are your sign-in/sign-out policies?

Parents/guardians should always report to check-in on Monday mornings. This is to ensure all forms on file are accurate and up-to-date, that medical information is reviewed with the medical director and so counselors can meet who will be dropping off/picking up the camper on a daily basis.

Parents/registering guardians will be issued QR coded tickets for pick-up daily and are responsible for the distribution of tickets to those permitted to pick-up the camper. In lieu of sharing the camper's pick-up ticket, written consent must be provided from the camper's primary contact for alternative pick-up personnel.

If a child should leave camp without a parent present, written consent must also be provided to the camp office. This consent should include their permission to leave and their means of transportation when leaving camp and their immediate destination after leaving camp.

What are the different CUBS Camp divisions?

CUBS Camp offers three divisions; CUBS Pre-K, CUBS JV and CUBS Varsity. The offered divisions are divided by age, offering curriculum tailored to each age group.

i. CUBS Pre-K (ages 4-5) is geared towards incorporating various activity components to daily stories and creativity inspired activities. Ideally, children enrolling in this camp should have completed Pre-K.

ii. CUBS JV will focus on fundamentals of various sports basics with particular attention to the importance of sportsmanship.

iii. CUBS Varsity will offer sport specific programming with emphasis on progression of skills.

All three divisions will compete in a weekly competition, Super Fun Field Day, which is full of team oriented activities!