COVID-19 Related FAQs

Who is required to wear a mask at camp?

Staff, including counselors, will be required to wear masks at all times. When outdoors and not within six feet of each other, campers will not need to wear masks. Campers that have not yet entered Kindergarten are exempt from wearing masks in all camp settings, per NYS guidelines.

What camp sessions have been impacted by COVID responses?

Although CUBS Camp sessions 1 and 2 have been cancelled, we are excited to welcome campers to all remaining sessions (3 through 7) beginning July 13th.

What are the limitations on group sizes for youth camps and who is included as a part of the group size?

Groups will be limited to 10 campers and remain as static as possible by having the same group of campers stay with the same staff whenever and wherever possible. Each group will have no or minimal contact with other groups and will not utilize common spaces at the same time, to the greatest extent possible. This restriction does not include camp staff.

What is the drop-off/pick-up protocol?

At this time, only campers and camp staff will be permitted within Bartels Hall, so both drop-off and pick-up will take place in front of Bartels. Please pull into one of the loading spaces out front (or the C Lot parking lot if all are full). There will be multiple staff members checking campers in, and we ask that you please stay six feet back if all are helping others when you arrive. The health assessment will include a temperature check, standard symptom questions, and we will ask about close or proximate contact to positive test exposures. Health assessments will be completed by the Medical Director and Camp Directors. All campers must be checked in and out by a parent or authorized personnel. When you arrive at pick-up for your camper, please let the staff member outside of Bartels Hall know who you are and who you are picking up, and we will radio to that staff member to bring out your camper(s).

What hygiene protocol will be implemented during camp?

Hand sanitizer will be available in all indoor facilities. When hands are visibly dirty, they should be washed with soap and water, which will be encouraged by the counselors and required of all campers multiple times throughout the day. The importance of hygiene will be of great emphasis for the duration of camp. Campers will be instructed to wash/sanitize their hands upon arrival, between all program activities, after using the restroom, before eating and before departing. We encourage parents to reinforce the importance of hygiene at home, prior to attending camp.

What activities will make up the camp curriculum to ensure safe distancing?

We will be using outdoor spaces at all times, when weather permits. We will be focusing on individual sports skills (e.g. dribbling soccer balls, shooting on goals), team building exercises, relays, hikes, scavenger hunts, fitness activities and much more! We will take advantage of the expansive campus grounds with daily walking excursions to central campus, Botanic Gardens, Beebe Lake trails and more. In our Pre-K program, we have arts and crafts, story times, tag games and other activities targeting this younger age group and in accordance with camp guidelines.

Should my camper bring food to camp?

We understand that many parents would feel more comfortable sending their camper with a lunch prepared from home. If this is your preference, please disregard the option to add-on lunch for the week during the registration process. Regardless of lunch accommodations, we always recommend campers bring a snack for our afternoon break time. Also, please remember that all campers should have their own water bottle from home and can fill them throughout the day.

What is included with lunch?

We are working with Cornell Dining to have delicious and healthy lunch options every day. We will distribute lunch through the Concessions window in Bartels Hall. Campers will be able to choose from a variety of sandwich options (e.g. ham and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, etc.), snacks (e.g. fruit, yogurt, crackers) and drinks and a dessert. We will follow all proper procedures for distributing the food to campers.

If my child doesn’t feel well, should they attend camp?

All staff and campers should stay home if they are not feeling well. Parents/guardians should look out for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 in children/campers. Symptoms include, but are not limited to, cough, fever, chills, muscle pain, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat and new loss of taste or smell.

How do we handle health and immunization paperwork for campers?

Health and immunization records for children that expire during the declared emergency are acceptable — provided the parent attests in writing that the child has no major health changes since their last physical.

Will staff be required to test for COVID prior to working camp?

Staff members will be required to test for COVID prior to the start of camp and every two weeks thereafter. Staff will also undergo the same daily health screening procedures that will be required of campers.

How often will equipment and shared spaces be cleaned and disinfected?

All shared equipment will be disinfected after each use. High risk areas and common surfaces will be disinfected throughout the course of the day. Shared areas will be cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis and more often as needed due to high traffic volume.

Cancellation Policies moving forward?

We will provide full refunds until 7 days prior to the start of each camp session.

Where can I find the latest camp guidance provided by New York State and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)?

For more information on the New York State statewide guidelines, click HERE. For more information on the CDC’s suggestions for youth and summer camps, click HERE.


General CUBS Camp FAQs

Who can I contact with camp related questions?

Leading up to camp, it is best to contact our camp office with all inquiries. We can be reached by phone, 607-255-1200, or email, Our staffed office hours are 10am to 4pm, Monday-Friday. Please note that we are often available during camp hours outside of this timeframe, but may not be in the office. Please use the camp office contact information during camp sessions for all non-emergency related inquiries as well. For urgent and time sensitive matters during camp programming, please feel free to contact our Camp Director via cell phone - this number will be provided to all registrants in an email prior to camp. This phone accepts call and text messages.

What is the age range/backgrounds of the counselors at camp?

Our counselors range from college-aged young adults to education professionals. All counselors are over the age of 18, with at least one year of college completed, and have a passion for working with children and encouraging active lifestyles, the importance of teamwork, and sportsmanship. Each division has a director with extensive camp/education experience.

Who oversees camp programming/instruction?

CUBS Pre-K is led by a certified Pre-K teacher. CUBS JV and Varsity are both directly overseen by the Camp Director.

Is there someone available to provide medical care in the event of an injury?

CUBS Camp has a Medical Director available at all camp check-ins to answer health related questions and review with parents any required medications/inhalers prescribed to campers. In the event of an injury at camp, the Medical Director will assess the injury and follow university protocol depending on the severity and need for additional medical attention.

Can my camper request to be in the same group as a friend?

All of our divisions are broken down into groups of six to ten campers. If your camper would like to request being in the same group as a friend attending camp, as long as they are registered for the same division, we are happy to accommodate group requests. Please note that we have a registration question to note any group requests, but please feel free to contact our office or edit your registration via your online account with any request updates.

What should my camper bring with them to camp?

Although we provide lunch, we always recommend campers come to camp daily with a snack for our designated snack break. In addition to snacks, campers should bring a water bottle, spare clothes/swimwear for water activities, a towel, a raincoat, indoor and outdoor shoes/apparel and sunscreen.

Can my camper bring a phone or other electronic devices to camp?

Although we do not encourage electronics at camp, we understand parents often prefer their camper have a phone available when at camp. We request all electronics are put away during active times at camp and that the camper refrain from phone use to avoid distracting themselves or other campers. Please note that we recommend all valuables, including but not limited to electronics and money, to be left at home.

In case of inclement weather, what indoor activities does CUBS Camp offer?

Although we plan several camp activities outside, in cases of inclement weather (excessive heat, rain, lightning, etc.) we have several indoor facilities. Our home base for camp is the Ramin Room, an indoor turf facility. In addition, we offer activities and programming in Barton Hall and Newman Arena.

What if my child gets homesick or wants to leave camp early?

It is not unusual for campers, particularly those that are younger, to have trouble saying goodbye to their parents/guardians after check-in. Most get over it quickly and go on to have a wonderful time thanks to the help of our personable counselors and structured programming. In the rare instance that a camper continues to struggle beyond drop-off/throughout the course of camp, we will contact the parent or guardian accordingly.

How much down time do the campers have?

The downtime at camp varies among the divisions and is established primarily based on age, but we also take great consideration to the weather. CUBS Pre-K has a scheduled down time every day. This is to help our youngest campers make the most of their active time at camp. Although lunch and snack breaks are the primary down times for CUBS JV and Varsity, we schedule necessary water breaks throughout the day with particular attention to the warmer and sunnier days of the summer.

Do you offer any camp discounts?

We offer a multi week and sibling discount. Additional information on these available discounts can be found by clicking HERE.