Where are resident campers housed?

Campers attending as residents will be housed in rooms on Cornell University's North Campus. The majority of rooms are singles and doubles. Campers in the same camp are generally housed in a specific section of a residence hall.

North Campus is complete with a community center, two dining halls and a convenience store. Most athletic facilities are a short walk from North Campus. Satellite facilities (tennis center, softball field, soccer training complex, etc.) are just a short drive from campus.

Can I request a specific roommate for my child?

Yes, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Please submit roommate requests at least two weeks prior to the start of camp. Both campers must request one another for them to be assigned together. The campers must also be enrolled in the same camp, the same gender and close to the same age. The majority of campers attending do not have roommate requests, so don't worry if you don't know someone else attending camp!

How are boys and girls separated?

Boys and girls are separated by floor, and for certain weeks of camp, boys and girls will be housed in separate dorm buildings. Boys are not allowed on girls' floors, and vice versa. However there are supervised common areas in each dorm available for games, TV and hanging out during free time.

Are the residence halls air-conditioned?

The residence halls are not air-conditioned, and all campers are encouraged to bring fans. Ithaca nights are typically very mild in the summer months.

Do I need to provide my own linens?

Yes. The beds are twin. Campers should also bring a pillow, blanket and shower towels, in addition to sheets.

Who else lives in the residence halls?

Cornell Athletics occupies two or more residence halls on North Campus, depending on the size of that week's camps. The only residents of these buildings are campers and camp staff. At no time will other programs or camps be housed in the same residence hall. The camp counselors, Medical Director, Head Counselor and Assistant Director live in the residence halls at all times.

Can my child stay extra nights?

We allow campers to stay extra nights for an additional fee of $75 each night. The fee covers lodging as well as meals and supervision. In fact, it is not uncommon for campers to stay extra nights between camps or prior to a flight departure.

Are the residence halls locked? How does security work?

The residence halls all require key card access - the counselors, coaches and camp staff all possess these key cards. Each room has its own key, which the campers are responsible for. Campers are encouraged to keep their rooms locked and to carry the room key at all times. Full-time counselors will be staggered throughout each floor in the residence halls and nighttime security will also be present. Cornell has its own police force, which resides on campus and is available 24 hours/day.