What is the key deposit?

Resident campers (those who will be staying in the dorms) are required to leave a key deposit of $40. The deposit can be authorized during registration, or you can leave a check/cash at camp check-in. The key deposit will be returned to you upon check-out, as long as the room has not been damaged and the key has been returned.

If I authorize my credit card for the key deposit, will it be charged?

Your credit card will NOT be charged unless the key is lost by your camper, or there is damage to the room by your camper. You will be contacted and asked to provide full payment information, should this occur.

Why is there a key deposit?

All campers receive a key for their dorm room, and they are responsible for locking it when the leave to protect their belongings. For security reasons, when a key is lost, the lock on the room must be replaced. The key deposit goes towards the cost of a replacement lock. The key deposit also applies to any damage caused by your child.