How do I get to Cornell's Campus?

Cornell is easily accessible via car, bus or plane. If you are driving your camper to Ithaca, plan your visit to campus by clicking HERE.

Alternatives to driving: Greyhound and Shortline buses stop regularly in Ithaca. There is also a NYC-Ithaca direct route on the Cornell Campus-to-Campus bus. Tickets can be purchased online:

Where do buses drop off?

If your child is taking the Shortline or Campus-to-Campus bus, they should get off at the North Campus stop, directly across from RPCC (camp check-in location). The Shortline and Campus-to-Campus bus also pick up at North Campus. If your child is taking Greyhound they will be dropped off at the Greyhound station in downtown Ithaca.

Can my child be picked up and taken to the airport or the bus station?

We provide transportation DURING SUMMER CAMPS ONLY to and from the Ithaca Airport and Ithaca Greyhound Station for $25, which covers both to and from. Send us your itinerary at least a week ahead of time so we can schedule accordingly! We do not provide transportation to/from any airport other than Ithaca.

What if my child cannot make it to the camp on time? What if my child has to leave camp early?

Late arrivals happen frequently. Again, we appreciate receiving your child's itinerary and any changes as soon as possible. Once the child arrives he or she will be taken to check-in, drop off bags and join their group as quickly as possible. Early departures are also not uncommon and we are happy to accommodate.

Where can I park?

RESIDENT/COMMUTER CAMPS: When dropping off your camper at the Robert Purcell Community Center, you can park in the lot adjacent to the building for no charge with the 60-minute drop-off/pick-up placard. These can be downloaded from each camp page, printed and put on your dash. They are not needed on weekends, but will be required on all weekdays. If you wish to stay longer or park in other lots around campus throughout the week, then we encourage you to purchase a parking permit from one of the information booths, or utilize the pay-by-your-phone parking lots. Cornell also has many metered lots. Please abide by all posted parking restrictions, as they apply year-round at Cornell!

DAY CAMPS: A drop-off/pick-up permit can be downloaded and printed from each camp page, and this is valid for 15 minutes at the camp's location.

For complete parking information on campus, please visit the Cornell Transportation parking information page by clicking HERE.

Can campers bring their own cars?

If your camper will be driving her/himself to camp, then s/he will be required to park the car in a designated lot, purchase a parking pass and surrender the keys to our housing director. Campers are not permitted to drive their cars during camp.