What necessities do campers need to bring?

Resident campers are responsible for their own pillows, bedding, toiletries, swimsuit, alarm clock and towels. All campers (commuter and resident) should bring personal athletic gear. Be sure to check the individual sport registration pages for what athletic equipment to bring.

Can campers bring their own food & drink?

Yes, campers may bring their own food and beverages to camp. However, dorm rooms do not come equipped with refrigerators, so we do not recommend bringing perishable food items.

Should campers bring spending money?

For resident campers, we encourage them to have spending money on hand for snacks outside of meals or for any Cornell or camp apparel. Campers must hold onto their own cash, and they should keep it locked in their dorm room while at sessions. Counselors and camp staff are not responsible for campers' spending money.


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