Cross Country Camp

  • Dates: July 11-13, 2019
  • Ages: 13-19
  • Price: $515 (Resident) / $399 (Commuter)

The Cornell Cross Country Camp aims to give runners of all ability levels an opportunity to explore different kinds of safe and effective training techniques and philosophies. Emphasis is placed on the importance of keeping running and competition fun.

The camp and its counselors emphasize an individualized approach to training programs and will instill in campers the importance of proper preparation (drills, stretching and weight training) in preparing for the cross country season. Sessions devoted to hill running, intervals, anaerobic threshold runs, speed play, long runs and the importance of recovery days are all part of the camp's curriculum.

Presentations are given by both Cornell coaches and guest coaches on training and motivation, in addition to demonstrations by other members of the Cornell staff.

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