CUBS Medical Director

Period of Employment: Mid June-August 13, 2021.

*Must be a physician, physician’s assistant, registered nurse or certified EMT.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Implementing the camp written medical plan (including daily health surveillance, handling of health emergencies and injuries, coordinating ambulance and first aid services).

  • Screening camper medical history forms for completion and note any medical conditions in camper database, and collecting all medications and late medical history forms at camper check-in.

  • Verifying the self-administration of all camper medications (i.e. before meals). A designee(s) can witness and document the self-administration of medicines when needed.

  • Keeping an inventory of medical supplies and assist administrative staff with ordering of new supplies.

  • Keeping a log of all medical visits to infirmary, and maintain camper’s confidential medical history.

  • Contacting the campers’ parents/guardians and inform them of any camper injury and/or illness.

  • Reporting accidents/injuries to Tompkins County Health Department and to Cornell Risk Management as directed by the camp manual.

  • Other duties related to camper health care as assigned by the camp director.

  • Assisting in the Camp Office during camp hours – includes answering the camp phone line, responding to emails and coordinating late arrivals/early departures with parents.

  • Running the camp check-in and check-out daily.


  • Must be a physician, physician’s assistant, registered nurse or certified EMT with valid credentials for the duration of the program.
  • Must also be certified in standard first aid and CPR for the professional rescuer.
  • Previous camp experience is preferred.
  • Must have and maintain a valid and unrestricted US Driver's License in order to operate a passenger van.